Travels to the South-algerian desert

Immerse yourself in nature and silence !

Welcome to the South Algerian desert, a fascinating and mystic place,  full of traditions, culture and beauty...


The south algerian desert is a suprising destination.  It is a beautiful and powerful destination, where serenity and absolute silence prevail. Setting foot in the desert is entering another universe, another time.  

We, the Paysages du Sud team invite you to experience an unforgettable and captivating journey in the Sahara. 

We will let you discover new horizons, unique fauna and flora, mythical places, fascinating and unreal landscapes,  a captivating ancient culture. You will have the opportunity to meet the locals.  

At night you sleep in a tent or under the stars, just as you please.

Don't miss out on this opportunity !


This video gives you a good idea of the trips we offer


Paysages du Sud

offers a variety of carefully thought-out trips that will take you to the magical world of the desert always bearing in mind the fragility of its nature and its inhabitants. 

The Algerian desert is about as far from mass tourism as it can possibly get !

Anyone willing to live the experience of total immersion into the desert is welcome. Whatever your age, whatever reason you may have to travel to the desert, whichever way you want to travel : by yourself, in group, with family, with friends,... we will be proud to show you around.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information. We also offer tailor-made trips !



the south algerian desert, a whole world to discover


OUR AMBITION, is to share our passion for the desert with you and let you discover - on foot, on camelback, in 4-wheel drive vehicles, on a mountain bike  an unexpected world and leave you with a warm feeling of huge happiness and many wonderful memories  ! 

The South Algerian desert is a surprising destination, it is not a sand sea as many tend to believe. The Algerian desert offers landscapes of great diversity: vast plateaus, deep canyons, mountains cut by deep valleys, rocky slopes, oasis, palm groves, huge volcanic mountains, exceptional rock formations, sand dune areas ... It is home to some species of animals even critically endangered. Practically each and every corner of the desert reveals evidence of the presence of man - the rock/cave paintings and engravings being the most well-known. You will find peace and silence in the desert, which is in high contrast with the hectic life in the big cities.