• The Tuareg

The Tuareg are a Berber nomadic people living in Central Sahara, Algeria, Libya, the borders of the Sahel, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. South Algeria and in particular the Hoggar is populated by Berber tribes, Imoûhagh (Tuareg) or Kel Ahaggar or Kel Tamahaq. The Tuareg are called Imouhagh and Tamahaq of which the root is the verb Iohagh, meaning to be free and independent. The exact origin of the Tuareg is Berber, they are probably descendants of the tribes of original inhabitants of North Africa. Their Berber culture is confirmed by the use of the same alphabet, Tifinagh, and  the same linguistic language base, Tamasheq. The Tuareg live in the Sahara Desert, they are a nomadic Muslim people known for their characteristic clothing (djellaba and turban, tied around the head) and their habit of drinking a lot of tea throughout the day.

Men wear a scarf, the Taguelmoust, about 4-5 meters long, and is wrapped around the head for protection against the sun, wind, sand and the cold of the night. The man never leaves his home without his chech, which can be of different colors, red, yellow or green, white, indigo,... Women cover their heads with a veil. 

The Tuareg are shepherds and their herds often dying of drought, many Tuareg moved to the cities. They work as blacksmiths, leather workers or guides. Tuareg jewelry is very popular and inspired by centuries of tradition.

Music is very important to the Tuareg. Nowadays, Tuareg play the guitar or oud while singing, often accompanied by percussion, hand clapping. Women are the choir.

During your trip you will have the opportunity to discover the famous ritual of Tuareg tea. The tea ceremony is a way of showing hospitality. Patience and precision define the creaminess of the foam.
It is served 3 times in a row: they say that  the first cup is as bitter as life, the second is as sweet as love and the third is as soft as death. 

The taguella which you will taste at least once during your trip, is a thick flatbread without sour dough made of wheat flour or millet, baked in embers, ashes and sand. It serves as food to the Tuareg.